"I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still." Sylvia Plath

Do you all think that violence, torture, threats, or imprisonment were ever a good way to make converts for Christianity?

(I hope not.)

Then…I wonder why so many Christians who would find this to be a ridiculous way to make “Christians”…use these same tactics with their children thinking that somehow this is the way to “raise them up right”?

Torture…taking away their cell phones and other things they “can’t live without”…
Threats…threatening to do those things…
Imprisonment…”Go to your room!”, “You’re GROUNDED!”

Even if a “convert” was made while someone was in a torture device…was it sincere?

You can make your kids change their behavior by spanking them and punishing them…but you will never touch their hearts with it…

The fact that so many pastor’s kids and missionary’s kids end up “rebelling” as soon as they’re old enough not to get beaten with “the rod” anymore…should be all the evidence anyone needs of that…sadly it’s not!

Recommended reading: “For Your Own Good” by Alice Miller


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